Zap Request To Exit (RTE) Button Range

30 designs to choose from

Main USP

Choice of colour options


Variety of Button Message Options


... NO/NC contacts, momentary action
plus back box options available


No/NC/COM Terminals

Normally Closed, Normally Open and Common terminals for easy connection to a mag lock or other hardware.

Momentary Action

Self resetting to their original state so having been pressed they're ready to be used again.

Back Box Options

Tough Polycarb and alloy back boxes provide the perfect solution for surface mount installations.

Low 12V DC Voltage

Easy to make use of existing low voltage cabling within the fabric of the building.

Stainless Steel Models

Attractive yet tough and hygienic stainless steel faceplates that look the part in any environment.

Contactless Range

Smart and convenient contactless designs with a proximity range up to 40cm.

A Great British CCTV Brand

A Great British CCTV Brand.